Democrats Suffer Historic Losses

Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in a presidential year, following repeated failure at the ballot box since 2010.

(Source: Washington Examiner, 12/28/16)

Democrats Can’t Find a Candidate

With more Wisconsinites working than ever before, it’s no surprise that so many Democrats are opting against a run.  

(Source: Fox 6, 4/2/17)

Dysfunctional Democratic Party

Haynes: “…there is a third organization in Wisconsin political life, a dysfunctional, institutionally inept organization, known as the Democratic Party. After its most recent thrashing by Gov. Scott Walker’s political machine, it is a PINO — a Party in Name Only.  The PINOs hold only 35 of 99 seats in the state Assembly and 13 of 33 in the state Senate. Republicans hold the executive branch, of course, and conservatives have a 5-2 edge on the state Supreme Court.”

(Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/27/17)

Democrats Fail To Field Supreme Court Candidate

Wisconsin Democrats are in such disarray; they couldn’t even find a liberal candidate to run for the Wisconsin Supreme Court this spring.

(Source: Wall Street Journal, 3/31/17)

Tammy Baldwin Failed Wisconsin Veterans

Senator Tammy Baldwin and her Democrat friends failed Wisconsin veterans. Now, the voters of Wisconsin will hold her accountable.

(Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette, 2/17/15)

BINGO! Democrats Play Games

BINGO! Rather than fight on behalf of hard-working Wisconsin families, Democrats in Wisconsin are playing games—literally. They have nothing in the way of ideas except a doomed agenda.

(Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/17/17)


Washington Examiner: After Red Realignment, Wisconsin GOP Aim At Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Baldwin could prove particularly susceptible to that assault. Extremely liberal, she ranks as one of the least popular members of the Senate.And perhaps more troubling, she’ll be alone. The Madison Democrat won’t have any presidential coattails to cling onto or much outside help in 2018.


Politifact: Tammy Baldwin Changes Views on How Quickly to Act on a Supreme Court Nomination

Her claim to “support” a cloture vote makes no sense since that isn’t up to her party…That’s what we call a Full Flop.


Tomah VA Whistleblower: Taking Out Tammy Baldwin ‘My Unfinished Business’

Now Ryan Honl says he’s gunning for another Democratic politician he feels failed to respond to red flags at Tomah: U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Madison, who’s seeking re-election next fall.


Wisconsin Watchdog: Baldwin Paid Nearly $90,000 To ‘Political Fixer’ During Tomah VA Scandal

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s campaign spent nearly $140,000 on legal advice from one of the left’s major “political fixers” since 2011.



Bice: Wisconsin GOP accuses Democrat Andy Gronik of campaign violation

Bice: Wisconsin GOP accuses Democrat Andy Gronik of campaign violatio Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dan Bice April 21, 2017 Democratic businessman Andy Gronik says he hasn’t even decided whether he wants to run against Gov. Scott Walker next year, but the state Republican Party is already in attack mode. On Thursday, Mark Morgan, executive director of the state GOP, filed […]


Bice: Democrat businessman Andy Gronik polls on run for Wisconsin governor

Bice: Democrat businessman Andy Gronik polls on run for Wisconsin governor Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dan Bice April 19, 2017 So sparse is the field of possible Democratic challengers to Gov. Scott Walker next year that this is garnering attention in political circles: Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik — a political neophyte with no statewide name recognition […]


Blogging Blue: Why Martha Laning Should Resign as DPW Chair

And now Laning has presided over an election worse than anything Mike Tate was ever involved in: Wisconsin turning red in a presidential election year. Time for Martha Laning to do the right thing and step down.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Democrats in disarray? So says new GOP website

The interactive site chronicles the losses by Democrats around Wisconsin since 2010, takes shots at U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin for her handling of the opiate prescription scandal at the Tomah VA Medical Center and pokes fun at Dem lawmakers who played their version of political bingo during Gov. Scott Walker’s state of the state address this year.